I am a...

Name: Caleb Cram

Profile: Software Developer

Email: caleb.cram@gmail.com

Phone: (208)-703-1981


Unity 3D
Unreal Engine 4
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Mixed Reality
About me

I'm a software developer with a B.S. in GIMM (Gaming Interactive Media and Mobile Technology) at Boise State University. I love all aspects of game design, from coding and conceptualizing to rigging and animating. I enjoy bringing my artistic creativity to life through technology in new and fascinating ways and I hope to help build the future of mixed reality and spatial computing.

Demo Reel


Low Poly Portraits

2D Illustration / 5 March. 2021

3D Assets

3D Models, Textures, Shaders / 17 April, 2021


2D Illustrations / April 17, 2021


These are a series of games, AR, VR, and MR software prototypes that showcase my technical and creative skills.